Integration Planning


To integrate VMware hosts with the Xopero ONE system, you need an administrator account (not necessarily root). So you can use an existing account. The best practice (recommended by Xopero Company) is to create an additional VMware user responsible to perform a backup and restore tasks with admin privileges.

Transport methods

Adding VMware hosts is not all, to properly integrate the VMware environment, you can install a Virtual Appliance machine within the VMware host. This will allow you to make copies faster through faster transport methods (HotAdd). You don't need to install Virtual Appliance to speed up backups. You can use a storage area network (SAN) but it will require configuration of your environment (SAN datastore required).

Remember that Xopero ONE requires VMware 6.7 and upper, and the Essential license at least.

ESXi and vCenter servers

If in your infrastructure the vCenter server exists, keep in mind that the vCenter server should be chosen to connect it with the Xopero ONE Management Service. Selecting the ESXi host (if the vCenter server exists) may cause issues.

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