Setting Up VMware In Xopero ONE


This article describes how to add, manage and work with your VMware ESXi/vCenter server in Xopero ONE. You can backup VMware virtual machines with the full support of advanced VMware features and additional options to make sure that your data is safe and consistent.

Xopero ONE dedicated VMware backup supports commercial VMware servers from version 6.7 to the latest one.

Adding VMware

To add your VMware server to Xopero ONE platform you must have at least one device on the same network (as VMware) with Xopero ONE agent application installed - this device will be responsible for the first communication with VMware.

To start protecting the VMware server, open the VMware tab in Xopero ONE. After opening the VMware view, click (+) Add VMware button that’s available at the top. This will cause the New VMware protection form to display. The first section of this form allows you to provide the IP address/name of your VMware server, user name, and a password that has to be added to a built-in Password manager.

You need an administrator account for the VMware host

The next part is dedicated to the VMware default agent - the device that should have the ability to communicate with VMware and will be responsible for adding it to Xopero ONE. Below is synchronization information - the Sync inventory field defines how often the information about your VMware should be refreshed.

Devices with macOS are not supported as VMware registration devices in Xopero ONE.

After filling in the form click the Next button to proceed. At this point you'll receive a notification, that your server has been added to the platform - a green alert "Successfully added server". And now the VMware will be availabe in the VMware tab.

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