Backup optimization (backup window, task balancing, storage location, shutdown computer after backup

In this article, you will get information on how to optimize your backup task.

The Xopero ONE system has several functionalities that will allow you to properly optimize your backup tasks. Depending on your needs, you can define them very simply and quickly. When creating a Plan, in the Scheduler tab you will find functions such as the backup window and task balancing.


Backup window

The backup window will allow you to set a schedule in which you define the allowed hours of backups.

The backup window is absolute. If your backup task go over the time frames, which are allowed, it will be stopped with an error.

There is no way to run overdued backup task if it was stopped by the backup window.

There is no possibility to run the backup task in a blocked time frame.

Task balancing

You can set a limit on concurrent tasks or start next with a delay between tasks. Task balancing is available in the Advanced Settings of backup plan.

Backup storage

In the Backup storage tab, you will find information about the assigned storages.

Storage location

Xopero ONE is a mulisotrages system. In order to balance the use of resources of devices on which you store data, you can assign each plan to different storage.

Advanced settings

The sprocket at the top allows you to use scripts (predefined or custom) or set bandwidth limits for your network.

Shutdown computer after backup

Backup scripts are divided into three categories depending on the moment at which we want to execute them:

  1. Before backup

  2. When the data snapshot is completed

  3. When the backup is finished

To shut down the computer after finishing the task, select the post-backup script, then select the operating system and select Shutdown from the drop-down list.

Bandwidth limitation

Reduce the internet speed limit by entering a value and selecting the unit (Kb/s or Mb/s)

S3 Buffer Settings

This additional setting applies to backups sent to S3 type storages. By default, the size of this buffer is 128 MiB and allows you to transfer ~1250 GiB of data. If your disk image exceeds this size, you can edit this value.

Increasing/decreasing the buffer size affects the agent's RAM consumption during backup.

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