Changing the temporary folder of dumps

Data to protect

In the Data to protect section (during creating a backup plan), select the folder where database dumps will be dumped. Data you can "Select from device" or "Select path or variable". You can switch between these options using the list by clicking on the text.

This is important because if the indicated folder was deleted - for obvious reasons you will not be able to selected/deselected from the list of folders available on the device. To do this, switch to "Select path or variable".

Changing the temporary folder

  1. Create a new folder

  2. Go to the Plans tab and edit the plan

  3. From the Data to protect section, uncheck the old folder and select the new one

  4. Next go to the Advanced Settings, then to Backup Scripts and change the script arguments to the new database dump location

  5. Save

If you first delete the old directory and in the data from the device you will not be able to deselect the folder:

Switch to "Select path or variable" and delete the old directory.

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