File-Level Backup - Setting Up A Backup Plan, Performance, Advantages

In this article, you will get information about file-level backup in Xopero ONE.

File-level backup - setting up a backup plan, performance, advantages

The File-level type of plan lets you protect individual files or directories. Granular recovery of files protected this way guaranties fast recovery in many different scenarios.

Choosing devices

After selecting this type of backup, you can select one or more devices for the plan to apply to. This is done by clicking on the Devices section and selecting the hosts to be assigned to the plan.

Click Apply to confirm your selection.

Choosing data for protection

In the Data to protect the area, you can select the data that you want to include in the backup plan.

Using global rules

Global rules allow you to choose locations that will be used throughout all of the selected devices.

This method provides for you three different options to choose from: Path, System Variable, Xopero Variable. Path - Allows you to enter the path manually, System Variable - Allows for usage of OS variables such as: %USERPROFILE%, %ALLUSERSPROFILE%, %SystemRoot%, Xopero Variable - Provides you with predefined list of variables like SYSTEM_DISK, ALL_DISKS, HOMES.

Selecting files from individual hosts

This method allows for the selection of paths individually for each device by connecting remotely to its file system.

See also how to restore the file-level backup:

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