Device groups

In this article, you will get information about Groups in Xopero ONE. A group is a virtual container with a unique name that allows the user to aggregate devices assigned to the system. One device can be assigned manually by the user to one or many groups.

In general, groups are used to manage devices. Using them, you do not need to manage them separately, but you can manage them from the group level. To one group, you can add an infinite amount of devices and make your work with them easier.

Device groups

Creating Groups

Groups can be created through the Devices tab; to view the list of actually defined groups or create a new one, click the Groups button visible at the top menu. (list view must be enabled)

To create a new group choose the Add group option, which will display the Add group field.

Fill in the group name and hit Enter button.

Adding devices to the groups

Choose devices, which should be added to the group (list view)

Hit Add to group button, available on the top section of the window

Hit the group name.

At this point, selected devices are added to the selected group.

Detach device from the group

Choose devices, which should be removed from the group (list view)

Hit the Remove from group button available on the top section of the window

Select the group, from which the device should be removed and hit its name.

After this step, the device is successfully removed.

Groups usage

The main usage for the groups is the ability to select the whole group (with all selected devices within) and use it, while creating a backup plan, to attach devices from the group to back them up.

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