Device list and simplified view

In the Devices tab, there are two ways to view devices. A device view has more details regarding the last backups of the device and each device is displayed one under another. A list view is more suitable to manage a large number of devices. All devices are listed. An administrator can change column visibility and the number of items per page. From the list view it is easier to reach such information as a group, IP address, device description, agent version, operating system, and when was the last successful backup.

In the Devices tab, are visible only machines on which Xopero ONE agent is installed.

Switching the view

By default is enabled a device view:

To switch to a list view, click the icon in the top right corner of the main window.

The view will be switched from the device view to the list view:

To switch back, click the icon again.

List view

From the list view you can also see device details, such as:

Device type (operating system installed in):

Device name:

Device status:

Assigned groups:

Agent version:

See list of all backup plans assigned to the device:

Restore the data:

See device details:

To find your device you can use advanced search engine:

If you want to change the categories, which describes your devices you can do it using the gear button.

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