Device removal

There might be some cases, in which you will want to delete some device from Xopero ONE platform. It may be useful to quickly delete all the data related to some device from all of your storage or just to free up the license that's being used by a device that doesn't have to be protected anymore. This article describes how to delete the device with and without the data.

Removal process

To delete the device from Xopero ONE platform, open the Devices tab and select the checkbox next to the device(one or multiple) you want to delete

The system will display a few additional options on the top bar, including the Delete button. Click it to delete the device.

After doing so, the application will ask you to confirm your action. An additional choice is to delete all the backups done for your device - you can keep all the backups by ignoring this option, or you can delete them by selecting Delete all backups of <deviceName>. Click the Remove button to proceed.

In case you decide to delete the backups along with the device, the system will ask you once again to confirm your will. Select I confirm I want to delete all backups of <deviceName>and click the Delete button.

With the operation completed, the system will display a success message about device deactivation:

If you've decided to delete all backups of your device, then you'll be able to see the progress of the data removal process in the Tasks tab.

That's it, the device removal process is done, you can now use the license to add another device to Xopero ONE platform.

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