Fetching device logs

This article describes how to fetch device logs from Xopero ONE in case of self-troubleshooting or when submitting a ticket on Xopero Support for technical assistance. Logs are generated on each device that has Xopero ONE agent application installed, you can access them directly on the end device or download logs to the server running Xopero ONE Management Service.

Fetching logs

The logs can be also fetched directly through the Management service. To do so, log into your Xopero ONE web panel, open the Devices tab, and click the Device details button available on the action menu.

Scroll down the details to the very bottom and click Device details.

That action will display the Device details view, where you can verify the parameters of your device and application version, but what's more important, there's an additional button - Download logs.

Download logs button will save your device logs on the Xopero ONE Management Service directory. The message shown by the web panel will contain the direct path to *.tar archive.

Include this file to the support ticket or extract the content to investigate the case yourself.

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