Statistics and details on device dashboard

This article contains information about statistics and details on device dashboard

Statistics and details on device dashboard

Dashboard view

From the device list (list view or dashboard view) you can find multiple information. From the dashboard view you will get information about device status:

Devices have 3 statuses in the Xopero system:

  • Online - if you added the device and the client successfully connected to the management server,

  • Offline - if you have added a device, but it is not responding at the moment for some reason,

  • Unauthorized - if the system has detected problems with the device token and needs manual authorization,

When the next backup will perform and also when the last backup finished (with status):

Assigned backup plans details:

You can also assign a new backup plan:

Restore the data:

And see all the already assigned backup plans:

Device details

You can open device details with more information about all the devices. You can find it by hitting the information button from the dashboard view, and device list as well.

From this point you can see device status as well:

Storage usage:

Backup plans details:

Statistics in time:

Attached groups:

Agent version:

Delete all device backups:

See all device hardware details:

See all properties (usefull for troubleshooting):

And, at the end, set the device as default:

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