Overview And Data Protection Planning

Using Xopero ONE you can protect many components in your infrastructure. These include workstations and servers. This article contains the general information about the data protection planning.

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To protect your workstations and servers, use one of 3 main types of backups:

  • File-level (saves individual files and directories)

  • Image-level (protects the whole physical disk)

  • Databases (protects your databases)

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Good practices

  • Test the Xopero ONE system and check what time all backups are made to choose the best backup schedule. For example, you can start making backups after users' work and turn on the automatic shutdown of devices after a backup in the plan edition (Advanced settings -> Backup scripts -> Post backup script).

  • The backup process most often uses the VSS service and device resources. To reduce the use of computer resources, you don't need to create several backup plans to send them to different storages. You can create a replication plan and thus replicate data to another storage.

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