Recovery process overview

This article contains information about the Workstations & Servers recovery process in Xopero ONE

Recovery process overview

In general, Xopero ONE allows you to use few methods to restore your data (in case of workstations and servers):

  • File-level backup - this method allows you to restore files from your storage. Uses for restoring databases (protected with file-level backup) as well.

File-level backup recovery
  • Image-level backup - allows you to restore entire disk, files from the backed up disk or disk as an image file. In this case, you can also use BMR (Bare Metal restore) technology to restore the data. This method gives you an opportunity to restore data between phisical devices.

To restore image-level backup see also following articles:

Drive image backup recovery
  • Database recovery - the set of methods that allow you to restore previously secured databases. The articles below describe the database backup recovery process.

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