Use cases

This article contains information about the use cases in the case of workstations and servers.

Use cases

Selecting the devices to back them up during the backup plan creation process

During the backup plan creation process, in the Devices step, select the appropriate option - decide, that you want to back up all devices added to your management service, selected devices, or the previously created group.

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Restoring the image-level backup from the physical device to the virtual machine.

In the beginning, restore the image-level backup as a file. You can find the how-to in the following article:

When your image-level backup is recovered successfully, you can start to import it to the selected virtualization environment. During the virtual machine creation process, select the restored file as a virtual disk.

Restoring the virtual machine to the physical device

The first thing that you need to do, to restore the VM to the physical host is to install the Xopero ONE Agent in the virtual machine and perform the image-level backup (and treat it as a physical device). If your backup is created successfully, you can start the BMR restoring process.

Turning off the device after the successfully finished backup

To turn off the device after the successfully finished backup, during the backup plan creation process configure the appropriate post-backup script.

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